Sunday – Tai Chi & Qi Gong
Next Beginners Course: Tai Chi & Qi Gong
2nd June ~ Sunday 10am - 4pm
£60 for intensive one day course
Tuesday – Qi Gong
Next Beginners Course: Qi Gong & Meditation
9th April ~ Tuesday 8.15pm - 9pm
£70 for 10 week course
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The Therapy Centre, 6b Church Street, RG1 2SB
Reading University Playing Fields, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6UB
(* Please note: Outdoor classes require suitable clothing and footwear. In case of rain the classes will be held at Wesley Methodist Church, RG1 4BW. )
bus: 3, 9, 21
Close to the following areas:

Reading Centre, Caversham, Newtown, Katesgrove


Sunday 2nd June
10am - 4pm (Beginners Tai Chi & Qi Gong)
7pm - 8pm (Beginners & Intermediates Tai Chi)
8.15pm - 9pm (Qi Gong & Meditation)

Private Tuition: All our teachers can provide private tuition.

UK Classes

Our Beginners Classes

Our classes start with warm-ups and body-conditioning exercises. We then learn and practise Qi Gong for its health benefits and to remove energy blockages throughout the body.

Initially we work on exercises promoting coordination, balance and suppleness. The rest of the class is dedicated to developing sensitivity, grounding and the quality of being 'centred' (like the calm in the middle of the storm).

Some of the exercises in our style, which beginners start learning straight away, are the 24-Step Form and 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade.

Mei Quan Tai Chi

What are the benefits of regular Tai Chi practice?

  • Becoming calm, centred and grounded
  • Co-ordination, balance, suppleness and skill
  • Harmony of body, mind and spirit, and harmony with natural cycles
  • Self-knowledge, confidence, self-discipline
  • Developing increased energy

Material taught includes:

  • Beijing 24-Step Short Form
  • Qi Gong (beginner & intermediate levels)

Why have Private Tuiton?

If you’re unable to make public classes or want to take advantage of a more personal tailored training or simply want to complement your existing training, Private Tuition is a great way to learn Tai Chi & Qi Gong.

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